What is the difference between product design and industrial design?

What is the difference between product design and industrial design?

The name itself passes on the distinction.

Item configuration is tied in with making item – taking thoughts without any preparation to completed arrangements, frequently 1 or 2 bits of completed items. As an item planner it isn’t compulsory to have learning on assembling forms or delivering CAD illustrations.

Mechanical plan is tied in with making thoughts for large scale manufacturing, i.e, making ideas that can be fabricated and be sold. Thusly it requires more work in exchanging and modifying plans (item outlines) to make it prepared for assembling. You require information of assembling procedures and activities with a specific end goal to do your work.

Some key features

Item configuration can be thought to be a subset of Industrial outline.

Modern outline can incorporate – item plan, furniture plan, footwear, and in specific cases mold and inside outline.

You can get by in item plan without specialized information, however you unquestionably need specialized/building learning to be a mechanical originator. Unless you are doing early idea works.

In modern outline you likewise find out about business angles, keeping in mind the end goal to redo the items to coordinate the business and market needs.

All in all, item configuration is more about making arrangements, mechanical plan is making arrangements and taking them to assembling. A modern architect can be an item planner, however an item fashioner can’t be mechanical originators.


Item configuration is a subset of the modern outline.

Mechanical plan manages any manufacturable/produceable item, i.e. is requires industry procedures and tasks. It additionally covers the entire lifecycle – from starting exploration to assembling. These creators additionally chip away at delivering fabricating illustrations and overhaul for assembling activities.

Item configuration manages creating ideas from research to renderings and models. It is one a player in the entire lifecycle, essentially in the underlying stage. These planners on a fundamental level are not engaged with working with the assembling exercises and handover the outlines to them.

In any case, since there is cover, the vast majority and in the business utilize the terms reciprocally. Facilitate there are individuals from building side who additionally utilize comparable or same terms.

to compress, mechanical plan is a greater amount of entire life cycle concentrated on end-to-end outline exercises while item configuration is centered around calculated outlines and advancements.